The Move…

In September, 2015 I took a ten day trip to Nashville. On the 12-hour drive home to Canada, I was alone with only my thoughts and iTunes, a very dangerous combination. By the time I pulled into my driveway around 4am I decided I was moving to Nashville, and nobody could stop me. Not quite sure how I was going to do it, but there was no way I was staying in Canada any longer when so much opportunity awaited me in Music City.

Moving to Nashville wasn’t very hard. I had to quit my job in Guelph, fill out a bunch of paperwork, pay a million fees, make sure that I had a significant amount of work to support myself, fix up my minivan, find a place to live and I was all set.

All of a sudden it was April, 2016 and I was packing up my van for the move. I said goodbye to my family and friends, hugged my dog and cried my eyes out as she pranced around me, then hopped in my car and was on the road to my brand new life. Scary? Nah. Exciting? Eeeeep! Yes!

When I first got to Nashville there was only one goal – to survive. I had to find more work to add to my working permit, find new friends, start songwriting and setting goals, and find the best breakfast place in town (which is by far Sky Blue Café, but I’ll talk about that more later). I got to work right away and realized quickly that this journey was going to have many ups and downs, there would be many crazy decisions to be made and I was going to be put in situations I never dreamed I would be a part of before. That was all part of the process.

After being in Tennessee for three months I’ve finally found my place. I’ve found my new home. I know where my heart is. It’s in Nashville, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. This blog isn’t going to be focusing completely on my music. I am going to write about my life in Nashville as a whole. Will it be random? Yes. But what else can you expect from a girl who dropped her life in Guelph, Ontario to move to another country to be a rockstar?

– D


  1. So true! Follow your Music @ Dreams, Because they are just around the next bend…. Please dont forget your Fans, Because We Love so much, and we will support you all the way !! Thanks for being a Super Musician!!


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