​One of the biggest fears I had when moving to Nashville was that I would have a hard time making friends. Crazy, right? An outgoing musician, in crowded bars all the time, meeting hundreds of people a day – how could it possibly be hard to make a friend? Well, all those crowded rooms that I perform in night after night are filled with tourists who leave within less than 7 days of when they arrived. It didn’t take long to figure out that it would be impossible to meet people in those bars.
A week after arriving in Nashville I auditioned at the Tootsie’s Famous Orchid Lounge open stage on a Saturday afternoon. A few minutes before the open stage started I caught a  beautiful girl was centre stage singing “Day Drinking” by Little Big Town all on her own. She had the most incredible voice! As soon as she was finished her song I quickly ran up to her and asked about the open stage.
“I’m Madeline Consoer, that’s pronounced concert, without the “t”! I just moved here from Wisconsin. Tootsie’s hired me on the spot last week at the open stage.” she said with the brightest smile.

After chatting for a few minutes Maddie suggested we go out for coffee. We quickly exchanged numbers and she left for the afternoon. I didn’t give it a second thought and never thought I would hear from her. 

A couple days later my phone lit up,
“Hey! It’s Maddie! How did your audition go? Would you like to grab coffee this week?”
Maddie and I have been bestie’s ever since.

Having a best friend is key when you’re in a whole new world. Internet hugs, long distance phone calls and weekend visits home can actually make you feel lonelier when you’re in a world completely separate from your “old life”. There have been days where I wanted to give up and go home. Maddie would pick me up in her Jeep (which she named Jerry), coffee in hand, the radio turned up to 11 and a big smile on her face.

“What we do here isn’t easy. We’re allowed to have down days. I’m happy to spend my worst days with you!” 
In three short months Maddie and I have been through a lot together. 

  • stuffed a queen sized mattress into Jerry, then realized after twenty minutes of struggling and finally closing the trunk that we grabbed the wrong mattress and had to do it all over again
  • made what I imagine was the most delicious smoothie in the world before it exploded over every single appliance in the kitchen and all over Maddie
  • sang “Something Bad” by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood together while standing on the bar at Tootsie’s
  • dropped a whole $15 bottle of vanilla extract in the grocery store which again exploded all over Maddie
  • double bookings, losing our voices, royally screwing up on stage, blatantly forgetting songs in front of hundreds of people and always getting back on stage anyway

We both perform at the same three bars, with the same people, singing the same songs and learning from each other. We push each other, support each other and believe in each other. We are the true definition of Girl Power. It is really encouraging having someone who is in the same boat. Also, it’s not a lie when I say that her voice gives me chills. You can listen right here.
– D
P.S. I was hired as a singer at Tootsie’s on the spot that day. It was a GREAT day all around!

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  1. I am so happy, to hear that you found a friend ( MUSICIAN) to share your Life ups @ downs , to help each other grow, and most of all to be the best Damn Singers/ songwriters ! PS, I am very proud of you , Danielle !!


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