Lots of people have asked what it is like performing on Broadway in Nashville. My usual response is;

“Broadway is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. You have to be IN it to understand.” and that is 100% the truth. Either way, I thought I would explain my first experience singing at Tootsie’s.

Before moving to Nashville there were a few people I knew who were already living there. Callie, Darcy, Blair, Mike, Preshias, Amy and Ryan. Although I was not super close with all of them I knew that I could contact any one of them at any point for anything at all. Darcy, Blair and Mike are all players that perform on Broadway. When I moved to Nashville I ran into Darcy and told him that I was looking for bands to join on Broadway and instantly Darcy helped. It was really cool to have him on my side.

Broadway at night!

A few days after I ran into Darcy my phone lit up.

“Hi! This is Amanda. Darcy gave me your number. Are you available to sing tomorrow at Tootsie’s at 10am?”

To be completely honest my stomach dropped and my first reaction was to say;

“No way! I’m not ready at all! I don’t know enough songs, I don’t know the band, I can’t do it.” but instead I took a deep breath and said “Sure! Thanks for thinking of me. I’ll be there at 10 tomorrow morning.”

I wore a red sundress with my brown leather cowboy boots and my hair down. I was the first person there. I didn’t eat breakfast and I sat at the bar waiting for the rest of the band. Scotty came in and he was our guitar player for the day. I instantly felt like I could tell Scotty that it was my first time singing on Broadway. I didn’t tell the rest of the band.

When the singer Noah came in he smiled at me and asked if I was his singer for the day. Noah and I hit it off right away. He is the absolute SWEETEST guy. I was nervous on stage for the first few songs but as soon as Noah turned to me and asked if I wanted to sing a song I knew I could do it. After the first song everything settled in for me and it was a complete blast. Noah is absolutely hilarious on stage and the crowds fall in love with him instantly. It was really fun to be on stage with someone who knew how to work a crowd and throw a party.

Noah, Lisa and I after a gig together one day downtown.

Once it started to pick up Noah turned to me and handed me his wireless microphone.

“Wanna sing on the bar?”

I grabbed the mic turned to the band and yelled “Any Man of Mine” then ran over to the bar. Noah followed me and we sang on the bar together. The crowd loved it and I was really over the moon. I know I keep saying it, but it really was SO MUCH fun. I also realized that maybe next time I should wear jeans instead of a skirt when I’m standing on the bar!

After the gig I was chatting with our drummer, Eric, and Noah. Noah turned to me and said,

“So, how long have you been singing here on Broadway?”

I raised my finger and said “This was gig number one.” Both Noah and Eric looked pretty surprised.

“Well, I am telling Amanda that you are my number one girl. Anytime she can’t make it, I want her to call you first.”

It was really encouraging. I spent the rest of the day with Eric and Noah. I will have to tell you about that adventure another time. Scotty, our guitar player that day, instantly became my friend too. Whenever I have questions about anything on Broadway he is always the first person I call. Eric, Noah and I have also become very close. They’re two of my first friends that I made in Nashville and I am so lucky that they were the first musicians I played with.

I’m lucky that I took the time before I moved to Nashville to learn a ton of songs and learn how to perform with bands or else I would have crashed and burned that day. It is a great big learning curve, but I am so happy to be a part of it and to grow as a musician.



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