Panama City Beach Tootsies

Last week was an absolute BLAST with my band in Panama City Beach, FL. It was so incredible. Thank you to Tootsie’s Panama City Beach for having us – what a GREAT venue.

My bandmates think it’s absolutely hilarious how curious I am. The first time I spotted a hermit crab skittering across the sand I literally stomped my feet, jumped up and down in excitement and chased the little guy all over the beach squealing. This reaction never died the entire seven days. They said I was “terrorizing” the wildlife. I just couldn’t help it! How cool is a hermit crab? They run SIDEWAYS! In all the excitement, I forgot to snap a picture. Good thing for Google!


Seriously though, how can that NOT make you smile? It’s basically a bunch of Sebastian’s running around on the beach!


Anyways, enough about the Sebastian’s of the beach. The first night we were there we watched the sunset while dolphins swam by. It was so beautiful. I really could go on forever about the wildlife (don’t even get me started on the stingless jellyfish) and how calming the water was but I realized some important things when I was there that I wanted to write about.


Even though we were sent there to work, I figured it was the perfect time to recharge and focus on myself. Sure, I spent a lot of time getting to know my wicked band, performing, having a Jack Daniels or two and frantically chasing critters around, but I also made sure to go down to the beach once a day and sit in silence. Can you imagine me sitting in silence? I meditated daily and soaked up as much sun as possible. At the end of the week it became pretty clear that my life is happening so quickly I can barely keep up. Something needs to slow down.

Since being in Nashville I’ve had such a crazy schedule, and it’s been very hard to say “no” to anyone because it’s hard to pass up any opportunity. I realized that I haven’t learned very much about this city aside from Broadway. It’s time to set new goals, and really dive into this city like I had planned before I ever moved here. I want to take Nashville in and appreciate it as much as I took Panama City Beach in.

I thought I’d write this post and ask you what YOU want to know about this beautiful city! Please let me know what you’re curious about so I can go out and find the answers for you, and for myself. Also, if you’ve visited this city before, what was your favourite part? Your favourite restaurant? Your favourite band? Your favourite tour or museum? Did you meet anybody famous? Tell me your experiences!

Stay tuned for some more stories about Panama City Beach and my crazy band.



Seriously though. I had to. SO CUTE!



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  1. Hi Dani.. country music singers seem to have all grown up in church. I would think visiting old churches in Nashville you may see some real industry people. I bet there will be a lot home around US thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe some will perform. I imagine music at the African American chucked in phenomenal. Miss you and think this new life is what you were meant to do. Enjoy.

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