Tootsie’s 56th Birthday Bash

The absolute coolest thing happened…

On Monday night I received a text from my band mate Tyson,

“Hey, do you want to sing Tootsie’s Birthday Bash tomorrow?”
“Yep. Do we have a plan?”
“Nope. We have a half hour on stage. I just found out.”

So that was it! We were asked to perform a half hour set on the main stage on Broadway. All of lower Broadway was blocked off and there were country and rock stars all over the town. The atmosphere was very magical and exciting. It turned out that the concert was running behind so we had only three songs that we were allowed to perform. Tyson sang “Ain’t Going Down Til the Sun Comes up”, I sang “Any Man of Mine” and then we decided to do “Think of You” together as a duet to end our set. It was great to be up there with Tyson and my band. These guys are so supportive and such a riot on stage.

Later that night my phone started to blow up!

“Hey, did you see this?”

I am on the FRONT page of the Tennessean! Not only am I on the front page, but I also have another shot a couple pictures in. How freaking cool is that?

I could not be happier! Thanks to Tootsie’s Famous Orchid Lounge for throwing such a great party, and letting me be a part of it. Videos to come!!

Love always,


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