Hey there!

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Lots has happened, good things, bad things and everything in between! One of the things that happened was my computer crashing and my phone taking a tumble right into the toilet. 😦 It was the saddest day of all time. Maybe not all time, but I mean, I lost almost all my puppy pictures of my dog Nelly and all of my phone contacts. That’s pretty darn sad.

Unfortunately, the phone was toast and I had to buy a new one. But! Thanks to my bestie, Andy, my computer is fixed and up and running again! I couldn’t be happier. He also managed to save some puppy pictures of Nelly. So here you go:


I hope your heart is still in one piece and didn’t completely BURST into a billion little heart shaped pieces looking at those!

There are a couple cool things happening! I’d like to talk about Wednesday’s first. Wednesday’s have become a whole lot more fun for myself, and hopefully for you too. #WanderingWednesdays is the new thing to do! What is #WanderingWednesdays you ask? Well, it is a whole new Facebook Live series! It’s been incredibly fun so far and really helped me keep in contact with my fans. Every Wednesday at 7pm (Central Time Zone) I will be doing a Facebook Live Concert in places that I love to travel to. Most places will be in Nashville, including Broadway, cafe’s, studio’s, museums, Tootsie’s etc. I will also be going away to Australia, and back to Canada for a few #WanderingWednesdays as well.

#WanderingWednesdays have just started but lets get you involved right away! I want to know what you want to hear, and where you’d like me to travel to, so while you’re watching #WanderingWednesdays please “like” and “comment” with song and location requests and ask anything about the venues that I’m visiting. Since it’s a live stream, I can read comments while performing so it’s easy to interact immediately. These song and location requests will be used for the following weeks. I will give a shout out to each fan that chooses the song and location of the week!

So to recap:
#WanderingWednesdays is a live concert from different travel destinations on Wednesday nights at 7pm Central
Request songs and locations and you could end up being my “Fan of the Week” 🙂
Share, like, comment and use #WanderingWednesdays as much as you like to spread the word!

There are many more exciting things happening, but I don’t want to ramble on. Please stay tuned for more updates! I can’t wait to get back in touch with all of my fans on a more regular basis. Lets do this together!

Love always,