Backstage at Bon Jovi

The coolest thing happened to me a couple of days before I flew away to Australia. Then I hopped on the plane and didn’t have a chance to tell everyone about it until now. This is pretty much as awesome as life can get.
On a Friday night, I was singing at Tootsie’s on the main floor when the VIP booth offered my band a very hefty tip for me to sing “Livin’ on a Prayer”. After singing the song, with the whole bar singing along, I went over to thank them for the request. When I walked to the table, they introduced me to Matt Bongiovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s super handsome brother. Matt shook my hand and said, “You just did my brother proud tonight.” It was a really incredible moment for me. I couldn’t help but smile like a little kid and say, “Thank you so much. That’s SO COOL!” I’m pretty sure I may have even jumped up and down in excitement.
Matt and his crew hung out at Tootsie’s the entire night. I ended up chatting with Matt and Casey, Jon’s right hand man, a couple of times throughout the evening. They were incredible people. Matt really encouraged me and praised me for making the move to Nashville. It was really nice to hear someone so well respected in the music industry say that I was working hard and on the right path.
As if hanging out with them wasn’t enough, they invited me to go backstage at the concert the next night! It was so much fun. My friend Sarah came with me. We got to look around on the stage before the show, look at their gear, hang out backstage, had an incredible VIP dinner and we got free tickets to the show. It was a great concert with such an amazing crew helping to put it all together. I am beyond excited that they invited me to come and experience the high life! Thank you to Matt and Casey for taking me in and giving me a complete VIP experience. I swear every night on stage when I sing “Livin’ on a Prayer” I will always remember this experience!


Phil X with all his guitars before the show.

I loved their drum kit! So freaking cool.

Casey, Sarah and I on stage before the show!
Our seats were pretty fabulous.
This is Casey with Sarah and I in the crowd!

Love always,