Australia Songwriting Retreat

Being a musician is the best career choice in the world. I love meeting new people, sharing my voice with the world, writing and connecting with people on a different level and most of all, having fun on the job. It is still a tough road though, and sometimes you can become totally burnt out. The hardest part is trying to find motivation to practice, write music and be creative in general when you’re constantly in a loud bar, eating on the go, working crazy hours and barely seeing daylight, trying to stay in shape, missing your family and friends and feeling like a really little shrimp in a big, big sea. Usually, after a weekend of performing, I take a whole day just to rest without listening to any sound at all, much less music. Though I wouldn’t trade it for the world, these passed few months have really taught me that everyone needs a break. Everyone needs to relax. Everyone needs to “spoil themselves” at some point. Musicians aren’t constantly just part of the party, they are the party, and for me it got to the point where I really needed to step back and take a breath, or else the party would become super lame! Australia seemed like the perfect place.

I had spoken with Karen, with Little Sparrow PR, for a couple of months about coming for a relaxing, quiet, tranquil vacation. We decided it would be best to have a totally chill vacation, sight see and “Dora the Explorer” the way through my trip.

After spending some time in Sydney with some old friends, Karen and I travelled up the coast. We stopped in the most beautiful, quaint little town called Bellingen. Karen, being the sweetheart that she is, accidentally booked us a honeymoon suite! It was absolutely hilarious. When I said “relax and chill” vacation, Karen really took it to heart.

We had champagne and an antipasto plate waiting for us when we arrived. We also had fresh eggs and bacon for breakfast and freshly squeezed orange juice waiting in the fridge for us!

The cottage that we stayed in was absolutely gorgeous, and the owners were so kind to us the whole time we were there. We actually added an extra night to our trip because it was too beautiful to leave.


As soon as I arrived there, in the middle of nowhere, I felt so inspired. The view was astonishing, the silence at nighttime was rejuvenating, the fresh air cleared my mind, the farmland was calming, I was ready to write again.

I sat outside on the back porch with a bottle of bubbly, my guitar and Karen, in a rainstorm, under a tin roof and started to write a song. The words came so naturally and I was really having fun with it. Australia inspired me. I can’t wait to share with you over the next few months how it made me come alive again.

Love always,


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