I Do What I want…

I have to admit it, my life can be crazy sometimes. I’ve been very fortunate to make a living doing what I love. But, something very interesting was brought to my attention the other day and I’d like to tell you about it.

I posted a picture of my band and I performing with Kid Rock on social media. Of course, this was super exciting! Everyone commented, liked and shared the picture (thank you). But the comment that really caught my attention was “You lead such a boring life” and then a response saying, “I know, she should really get out more!” which were both obviously meant to be sarcastic. I thought it was cute and I love both the girls that commented. These comments made me stop and think, wow, I really DO have an incredible life.

When I was a little girl and somebody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was always “a singer!” and most people would smile and think “she’s cute!” and brush it off as if I wasn’t serious. Well look at me, all grown up, singing.

For the last 13 years I’ve been making a living doing music. In high school I spent my weekends writing and performing. During the week I would go to school and spend evenings practicing with multiple bands. I travelled to Australia and spent almost a year performing in and around Sydney. From that trip I made connections to Little Sparrow PR, who eventually took me on as a client.


I decided to move to Nashville in 2016. When I decided to do that, as I said before, I had no money, no plan and no stable job in Nashville for financial support. That didn’t scare me. I just did it.

I met Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys because I woke up at 4am, drove to Toronto and hoped they would let me in to meet him at Breakfast Television. They did.


I set up my own tour in Chapter’s and that’s where Luke Bryan‘s band stopped in to get a book before they had their gig that night. I chatted with his guitar player, who really encouraged me to keep singing.

I heard about a contest on Breakfast Television and decided to enter it, not thinking anything of it. Out of nowhere, I got a call that I made it to the top four contestants and got to sing live on the show! I won the contest and got to perform O Canada in front of 51 thousand people. (I have to thank my fans for that, so many of you guys voted for me that you actually crashed their website!)


I wanted to see Keith Urban and Taylor Swift in concert together and the closest place I could get tickets was Rochester, NY. So I hopped in my car, drove to Rochester and hung out at a famous music store that day. Of course, Keith was in there buying a guitar. After getting over my nerves, I said hi. To this day, it is still one of my favourite days.


I wanted to get backstage at a festival to find Aerosmith. So I asked where backstage was, and they let me backstage. I made it all the way to their dressing room! Then two security guards noticed I didn’t belong. But hey, I walked the red carpet right up to their door.

I tweeted Jann Arden questions about my music, and replied to a tweet from Geri Halliwell. Both of them replied. Can you believe that? My childhood hero responded to me!


I booked myself at Two Chick’s Cafe because I wanted to perform in Sauble Beach. That is where I met Nelly Furtado and had such a nice conversation with her about my music. She is such a beautiful person.

I worked very hard before moving to Nashville on learning cover songs. It was hard to catch up and familiarize myself with country music that I didn’t know. It was so scary to jump up on a bar and sing songs I had never performed before for four hours straight with complete strangers. I did it anyway, and acted like I had played those songs and danced on bars for years. I ended up with of the best shifts on Broadway, with the sweetest band any girl could ask for. The band and I got to spend a week in Panama City Beach Florida performing. Also, I met Bon Jovi‘s brother at Tootsie’s. Him and I still chat, and he gave me backstage passes to Bon Jovi’s show. On top of all this, I’ve shared the stage with Kid Rock and Terri Clark.

Why? How come it always happens to me? Because I do what I want.

There are always days that I have a little voice inside me saying “You can’t do that” or “that will never work” or “but what if you can’t pay rent? What if you can’t afford groceries? What if you aren’t good enough? What if you fail?”. I’ll be completely honest that some days, I listen to those voices and tear myself down just as much as the next person does. However, when I look back on all the cool things in my life that have happened to me, they didn’t just happen TO me, they happened because in a way, I chased them down. I decide what I want to do and I go out there and do it.

The unknown is never easy. When I moved down to Nashville, I really had no idea how it was going to work out. I was terrified and I cried giant alligator tears when I had to drive away from my home, my dog, my family and my entire life and follow my dreams, even if I didn’t know exactly what my dreams were. I listened to my intuition, I listened to my gut, followed my instincts and it paid off.

I wasn’t planning on writing about this at all because I didn’t want to write an “inspirational” blog, when I don’t see myself as an inspirational person. But my gut kept nagging at me and finally I thought “what the heck! That’s the whole POINT of this blog! Do what you want.” So, here I am telling you about how I like doing what I want.

When somebody calls you “crazy”, don’t let their fear bring down your brave. Be afraid and do it anyway. Stand up for what you believe in. Be a boss.

Love always,



  1. Hi Danielle,
    That was awesome! You go girl! I am very happy for you. I know that you don’t know who I am, but your dad and I are cousins.
    I’m very proud of you and so glad you don’t give up or give in.
    Keep on doing what you love. You have been so blessed by God.


  2. You get out what you put in, and your story is absolutely one of that. Isn’t it too easy to tell ourselves “no, I can’t do that”, but instead, you look fear in the face and focus on your achieving your dream. Thanks for your inspiring words.


  3. So proud of you. You have made all these awesome memories and connections happen. You dont sit back and wait for life to unfold you are an active participant. You take risks…you embrace fear and exemplify courage.
    Continue to do what you want!


  4. Hi Danielle, you don’t have a clue who I am, I met a crew of young guys from Guelph in 1970 playing at the Twins in Listowel, they were the original Hourglass Band, Rick, Jack, Bruce & Phil. For some reason or other we got along with them great & started following them to their gigs. I almost felt like I belonged. After Phil left the group, they needed a bass guitar & Jamie, who was working at the gas bar/ motel was offered the job. Rick said if you can learn the bass, you got a gig & the rest is history.My wife Jean & I & Rick & Gering became best buds, & we enjoyed being with them. Over the years Rick has had his health problems & we have lost touch with them. Anyway I picked up a guitar about 4cyears ago & will never play well but I can get by just doing what I think is right, nobody but me knows what I’m doing, so it’s hard to jam with me. Anyway I admire your singing & playing & follow you ( from afar), good luck Danielle, luck has nothing to do with it,you are a great performer, how could you not be.
    Pete & Jean Leppard


  5. Hi Danielle
    So great to read your blog and having followed you for quit awhile I remember when these things happened to you either hearing it from Janice if your Dad or sometimes you. It is so good to hear you are doing well in Nashville and making a name for yourself in the music world. You can only get better there is no looking back. I know how hard it was to leave your family and friends to set out on this Nashville journey but you did it and look where it has got you so far. You are a great inspiration and not just to the music world but to people you have met all over in your travels. I am sure you will make it BIG in Nashville because you never quit and your hit song is somewhere in that beautiful head of yours. We are all waiting to hear it Danielle so keep that energy flowing. We are all behind you here in Canada so bring it on girl. All the best Bonnie Grose.


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