April Wandering Wednesday Recap

In case you missed it, here are all the Wandering Wednesday’s in April. What a GREAT month it was. Thank you, again, for sharing, liking and commenting! It’s so special to me to see my fans tuning in weekly and enjoying the show.

On April 5th I visited Five Daughters Bakery in East Nashville. It was a little windy, but the cronuts were totally worth it. The girls that worked there were so kind as well. I was lucky they let me come in for a visit. Check it out here.

On April 12th I had the most viewed stream so far for my Wandering Wednesday’s! How freaking cool is that? This show was with Amanda Jane, Madeline Consoer and Grady James. It was inside the McGhee Entertainment Building, where I do a lot of songwriting. This was SUCH a fun week with my super talented friends. Check it out here.

On April 19th I was headed home from Guelph to Nashville. I pulled over on the 401 to do a video for you guys. It was the exact definition of wandering! I hope you enjoyed it. Check it out here.

April 26th was a super fun week. Carters Vintage Guitar’s had me at their shop. They were incredibly nice and the history there is just fantastic. I can’t believe I got to play such a beautiful guitar, surrounded by a million more beautiful guitars. Check it out here.

Thank you for tuning in every week! Please comment below with any ideas of new venues you would like to see me perform at. I can’t wait to keep on wandering!

Love always,