June and July Wandering Wednesday Recap

Hey guys!

The last couple of months have been so crazy in Nashville. I have been working my tail off and haven’t been writing too much. I’ve kept up as much as I can with Wandering Wednesday’s for you guys and the last couple months really highlight some fun times!

Check it out!

June 7th – I played live with my Broadway band in the “Honky Tonk Alley” for CMA Fest. First you meet my band – check that out here – then you get to catch us all playing live! Check that out here.

June 14th – I had my friend Cam film me on the Pedestrian Bridge. This bridge crosses the Cumberland river and overlooks all of downtown. You get to see a ton of famous places as well as the Nashville Preds Jerseys’s. Check it out!

June 21st – This week I was sitting on the front porch at Studio 45b – between recording songs. I sang all Faith Hill songs. If you love Faith Hill check it out here! 

June 28th – I spent June 28th singing from my home for you. I take you on a little tour of my garden, then play some pretty songs on piano for you. Check it out here.

July 5th – This week I was recovering from a wicked cold. I did a super quick WW for you from Studio 45b. Check it out!

July 20th – My band and I made the trek to Panama City! The entire week I was pretty much without reception so instead of doing a live video, this was pre-recorded. It was all I could do. Here is the video from Panama City Beach, Florida.

July 26th – This is one of my FAVOURITE Wandering Wednesday’s to date. I got to perform at Steinway Gallery. It was an incredible experience, and the manager, Tony, was such a nice guy. Check out the piano’s here!

Thank you so much for keeping up with all the “episodes”. You guys have been an incredible crowd and I love ya for it.

Love always,


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