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The last couple of months have been so crazy in Nashville. I have been working my tail off and haven’t been writing too much. I’ve kept up as much as I can with Wandering Wednesday’s for you guys and the last couple months really highlight some fun times!

Check it out!

June 7th – I played live with my Broadway band in the “Honky Tonk Alley” for CMA Fest. First you meet my band – check that out here – then you get to catch us all playing live! Check that out here.

June 14th – I had my friend Cam film me on the Pedestrian Bridge. This bridge crosses the Cumberland river and overlooks all of downtown. You get to see a ton of famous places as well as the Nashville Preds Jerseys’s. Check it out!

June 21st – This week I was sitting on the front porch at Studio 45b – between recording songs. I sang all Faith Hill songs. If you love Faith Hill check it out here! 

June 28th – I spent June 28th singing from my home for you. I take you on a little tour of my garden, then play some pretty songs on piano for you. Check it out here.

July 5th – This week I was recovering from a wicked cold. I did a super quick WW for you from Studio 45b. Check it out!

July 20th – My band and I made the trek to Panama City! The entire week I was pretty much without reception so instead of doing a live video, this was pre-recorded. It was all I could do. Here is the video from Panama City Beach, Florida.

July 26th – This is one of my FAVOURITE Wandering Wednesday’s to date. I got to perform at Steinway Gallery. It was an incredible experience, and the manager, Tony, was such a nice guy. Check out the piano’s here!

Thank you so much for keeping up with all the “episodes”. You guys have been an incredible crowd and I love ya for it.

Love always,


It’s been a wild ride! You guys have tuned in weekly and shared, liked and commented like crazy. Thank you for all your support! Here is a recap of May’s Wandering Wednesday’s.

On May 3rd I wandered all the way to my backyard and took you guys on a tour of my vegetable garden, Sunshine Faerie Garden, and sang a whole night of Miranda Lambert songs. This was actually one of my favourite Wandering Wednesday’s. I really liked learning all about Miranda and how wicked she is. Plus, her songs are beautiful. Check it out here.

On May 10th I went totally Honky Tonk on you and did the show from my friends trailer. It’s such a gorgeous spot. Her puppy Loretta made an appearance and I sang mostly all originals. I filled in a couple of requests as well. Check it out here.

May 17th was a super fun night at Amanda Jane’s house. We did “Pajama Jams”, which Amanda does every Monday on her Facebook channel. We had our PJ’s on and sang songs together for you. I love singing with Amanda. Check it out here.

On May 24th I wandered to the Chet Atkin’s Statue downtown Nashville. It was really fun and Grady James joined the show. It was fun to be outside smack dab in the middle of all the action! Check it out here.

May 31st was Carrie Underwood night. If you’re a big Carrie fan this week was for you! I sat on the patio outside Studio45b singing all Carrie songs. I learned a couple cool facts about Carrie and had fun singing her complete power songs. Check it out here.

Thanks again for checking in every week. June, July and August are all booked up with great locations as well. Check out the dates on my Events page. As always, your shares, likes and comments mean so much to me.

Love always,


My lovely sister, Leah, came to visit me a couple of weeks ago and we took Nashville by storm! I love my sister so much and I rarely get to see her. When we get together there are endless giggles, incredible amounts of delicious food, drinks and talks that last so long neither one of us get any sleep.

I thought I’d share a couple pictures of us gallivanting all over Nashville. It was a beautiful weekend!

Love always,


Last week I was lucky enough to sing at Ryan Seacrest Studios in Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. 

Ryan Seacrest has this amazing program that broadcasts live musicians to the rooms in the hospital. This studio also gives the children a chance to watch live broadcasts, participate in live interviews and also produce live television shows. It was a great feeling singing for children and their families who are going through such a rough time. It’s incredible how involved Ryan Seacrest is in these programs all across America. These children really needs some music, laughter and happiness and that is exactly what this program is giving to them.

I wanted to thank Ryan Seacrest Studios for having me and Mamie Shepherd for being so inviting. It is very obvious how much she loves her position as program manager and she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Love always,


In case you missed it, here are all the Wandering Wednesday’s in April. What a GREAT month it was. Thank you, again, for sharing, liking and commenting! It’s so special to me to see my fans tuning in weekly and enjoying the show.

On April 5th I visited Five Daughters Bakery in East Nashville. It was a little windy, but the cronuts were totally worth it. The girls that worked there were so kind as well. I was lucky they let me come in for a visit. Check it out here.

On April 12th I had the most viewed stream so far for my Wandering Wednesday’s! How freaking cool is that? This show was with Amanda Jane, Madeline Consoer and Grady James. It was inside the McGhee Entertainment Building, where I do a lot of songwriting. This was SUCH a fun week with my super talented friends. Check it out here.

On April 19th I was headed home from Guelph to Nashville. I pulled over on the 401 to do a video for you guys. It was the exact definition of wandering! I hope you enjoyed it. Check it out here.

April 26th was a super fun week. Carters Vintage Guitar’s had me at their shop. They were incredibly nice and the history there is just fantastic. I can’t believe I got to play such a beautiful guitar, surrounded by a million more beautiful guitars. Check it out here.

Thank you for tuning in every week! Please comment below with any ideas of new venues you would like to see me perform at. I can’t wait to keep on wandering!

Love always,



I have to admit it, my life can be crazy sometimes. I’ve been very fortunate to make a living doing what I love. But, something very interesting was brought to my attention the other day and I’d like to tell you about it.

I posted a picture of my band and I performing with Kid Rock on social media. Of course, this was super exciting! Everyone commented, liked and shared the picture (thank you). But the comment that really caught my attention was “You lead such a boring life” and then a response saying, “I know, she should really get out more!” which were both obviously meant to be sarcastic. I thought it was cute and I love both the girls that commented. These comments made me stop and think, wow, I really DO have an incredible life.

When I was a little girl and somebody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was always “a singer!” and most people would smile and think “she’s cute!” and brush it off as if I wasn’t serious. Well look at me, all grown up, singing.

For the last 13 years I’ve been making a living doing music. In high school I spent my weekends writing and performing. During the week I would go to school and spend evenings practicing with multiple bands. I travelled to Australia and spent almost a year performing in and around Sydney. From that trip I made connections to Little Sparrow PR, who eventually took me on as a client.


I decided to move to Nashville in 2016. When I decided to do that, as I said before, I had no money, no plan and no stable job in Nashville for financial support. That didn’t scare me. I just did it.

I met Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys because I woke up at 4am, drove to Toronto and hoped they would let me in to meet him at Breakfast Television. They did.


I set up my own tour in Chapter’s and that’s where Luke Bryan‘s band stopped in to get a book before they had their gig that night. I chatted with his guitar player, who really encouraged me to keep singing.

I heard about a contest on Breakfast Television and decided to enter it, not thinking anything of it. Out of nowhere, I got a call that I made it to the top four contestants and got to sing live on the show! I won the contest and got to perform O Canada in front of 51 thousand people. (I have to thank my fans for that, so many of you guys voted for me that you actually crashed their website!)


I wanted to see Keith Urban and Taylor Swift in concert together and the closest place I could get tickets was Rochester, NY. So I hopped in my car, drove to Rochester and hung out at a famous music store that day. Of course, Keith was in there buying a guitar. After getting over my nerves, I said hi. To this day, it is still one of my favourite days.


I wanted to get backstage at a festival to find Aerosmith. So I asked where backstage was, and they let me backstage. I made it all the way to their dressing room! Then two security guards noticed I didn’t belong. But hey, I walked the red carpet right up to their door.

I tweeted Jann Arden questions about my music, and replied to a tweet from Geri Halliwell. Both of them replied. Can you believe that? My childhood hero responded to me!


I booked myself at Two Chick’s Cafe because I wanted to perform in Sauble Beach. That is where I met Nelly Furtado and had such a nice conversation with her about my music. She is such a beautiful person.

I worked very hard before moving to Nashville on learning cover songs. It was hard to catch up and familiarize myself with country music that I didn’t know. It was so scary to jump up on a bar and sing songs I had never performed before for four hours straight with complete strangers. I did it anyway, and acted like I had played those songs and danced on bars for years. I ended up with of the best shifts on Broadway, with the sweetest band any girl could ask for. The band and I got to spend a week in Panama City Beach Florida performing. Also, I met Bon Jovi‘s brother at Tootsie’s. Him and I still chat, and he gave me backstage passes to Bon Jovi’s show. On top of all this, I’ve shared the stage with Kid Rock and Terri Clark.

Why? How come it always happens to me? Because I do what I want.

There are always days that I have a little voice inside me saying “You can’t do that” or “that will never work” or “but what if you can’t pay rent? What if you can’t afford groceries? What if you aren’t good enough? What if you fail?”. I’ll be completely honest that some days, I listen to those voices and tear myself down just as much as the next person does. However, when I look back on all the cool things in my life that have happened to me, they didn’t just happen TO me, they happened because in a way, I chased them down. I decide what I want to do and I go out there and do it.

The unknown is never easy. When I moved down to Nashville, I really had no idea how it was going to work out. I was terrified and I cried giant alligator tears when I had to drive away from my home, my dog, my family and my entire life and follow my dreams, even if I didn’t know exactly what my dreams were. I listened to my intuition, I listened to my gut, followed my instincts and it paid off.

I wasn’t planning on writing about this at all because I didn’t want to write an “inspirational” blog, when I don’t see myself as an inspirational person. But my gut kept nagging at me and finally I thought “what the heck! That’s the whole POINT of this blog! Do what you want.” So, here I am telling you about how I like doing what I want.

When somebody calls you “crazy”, don’t let their fear bring down your brave. Be afraid and do it anyway. Stand up for what you believe in. Be a boss.

Love always,


I sit here listening to the albums I listened to on my drive to Nashville a whole year ago. I packed my van, quit my job, moved in with three people I didn’t know, to a city I had barely visited. My plan was to survive.

Look at me, surviving and stuff!

It has been a complete whirlwind. I’ve had LOTS of ups and downs since I’ve moved here. Thank god for family, and amazing friends to help me through it. Since moving here I got a job singing the best shifts available at the worlds most famous Honky Tonk, with the sweetest band any girl could ask for. I’ve found the best roommates in the world, in a cute, quiet house in a safe area. We are currently building a vegetable garden, and I am making a “sunshine faerie garden”. I’m a little more excited about the sunshine faerie garden than my three guy roommates, but, hey, they’re enthusiastic and help whenever I need it. What more can I ask for? I’ve joined forces with Little Sparrow PR in Australia. I’ve recorded demos of my songs, sent songs off to high profile artists, written with very talented artists on music row, and met some superstars. I’ve performed with Terri Clark live at Tootsies. I’ve found the best places to eat! Started my “Wandering Wednesday’s” live Facebook stream to keep in contact with all my fans. I’ve started recording my new album and spent lots of time in the studio finding my own sound and writing lyrics that are close to me. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Nashville has been a complete life changer. I’ve experienced heartbreak like I’ve never felt before and also excitement that I never knew existed. The opportunity in this town is incredible. Every day I meet new people who are just as excited as I am about music. It’s a beautiful city and I can’t wait to see what unfolds over the next year.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I love my fans with all my heart.

Love always,


Wandering Wednesday’s has been growing like wildflower. Every week there are more viewers, more shares and likes, and more brand new fans tuning in. I am so lucky that my fan base has been keeping up and watching over the last month. As always, those “likes” and “shares” mean so much, and help my career. So thank you for sharing these videos.

I just wanted to recap where I’ve been wandering to this last month.

March 2nd – Nobby’s Beach in Australia – Here is the video!

This is beautiful beach and lookout. The beginning of the video was a little loud with the wind. Hang in there so you can see the rest of the video taking place down on a pathway. I sing Aussie songs for this video. It was such an incredible day and I loved having the ocean right beside me during this filming!

March 8th – Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in East Nashville – Here is the video!

There is a separate blog about this location that you can check out here.

March 15th – Puckett’s Liepers Fork – Here is the video!

This video was one of my favorites to do. Puckett’s is an incredible venue. It has a very southern feel to it, and is very inviting. Southern hospitality really does exist, and this venue makes sure you feel like a part of the family. I was lucky to be able to chat with one of the locals/former cook from Puckett’s and learn a little bit about the history. On any given Saturday you can see Miranda Lambert in there eating a burger, Justin Timberlake having lunch or Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman checking out some music with their family.

March 22nd – Curb Studios – Here is the video!

Curb studios was so inspiring to visit. My wicked roommate, Matt, is an engineer there and so he got me in after hours to take a look around. It’s amazing to me how many people have walked through the halls of the studio and how many #1 hits have been created in this studio.

March 29 – Timbre’s Pickin Parlor – Here is the video!

This is a wicked venue! At any given time there are people on the patio, or in the back room just jamming out. Everyone is welcome to bring instruments and anyone can sit in and play. It’s very southern, with an American flag hanging proudly on the stage. I loved it here! What a great family to be a part of.

So there you have it! Five locations in March. Comment below and let us know where you would like to see me travel in the following weeks. Also, keep those requests on coming in!

Love always,


Being a musician is the best career choice in the world. I love meeting new people, sharing my voice with the world, writing and connecting with people on a different level and most of all, having fun on the job. It is still a tough road though, and sometimes you can become totally burnt out. The hardest part is trying to find motivation to practice, write music and be creative in general when you’re constantly in a loud bar, eating on the go, working crazy hours and barely seeing daylight, trying to stay in shape, missing your family and friends and feeling like a really little shrimp in a big, big sea. Usually, after a weekend of performing, I take a whole day just to rest without listening to any sound at all, much less music. Though I wouldn’t trade it for the world, these passed few months have really taught me that everyone needs a break. Everyone needs to relax. Everyone needs to “spoil themselves” at some point. Musicians aren’t constantly just part of the party, they are the party, and for me it got to the point where I really needed to step back and take a breath, or else the party would become super lame! Australia seemed like the perfect place.

I had spoken with Karen, with Little Sparrow PR, for a couple of months about coming for a relaxing, quiet, tranquil vacation. We decided it would be best to have a totally chill vacation, sight see and “Dora the Explorer” the way through my trip.

After spending some time in Sydney with some old friends, Karen and I travelled up the coast. We stopped in the most beautiful, quaint little town called Bellingen. Karen, being the sweetheart that she is, accidentally booked us a honeymoon suite! It was absolutely hilarious. When I said “relax and chill” vacation, Karen really took it to heart.

We had champagne and an antipasto plate waiting for us when we arrived. We also had fresh eggs and bacon for breakfast and freshly squeezed orange juice waiting in the fridge for us!

The cottage that we stayed in was absolutely gorgeous, and the owners were so kind to us the whole time we were there. We actually added an extra night to our trip because it was too beautiful to leave.


As soon as I arrived there, in the middle of nowhere, I felt so inspired. The view was astonishing, the silence at nighttime was rejuvenating, the fresh air cleared my mind, the farmland was calming, I was ready to write again.

I sat outside on the back porch with a bottle of bubbly, my guitar and Karen, in a rainstorm, under a tin roof and started to write a song. The words came so naturally and I was really having fun with it. Australia inspired me. I can’t wait to share with you over the next few months how it made me come alive again.

Love always,


P.S. You should check out Afterglow Cottages if you’re ever looking to escape.

There is nothing in the world that I love more than animals (and music of course). Australia was really great because everywhere I turned, there was a new animal for me to chase around. I’ve been told before (by my band mate, Tyson) that I am like a toddler when I see an animal, because I really do get so excited that I can barely contain myself. Needless to say, when Karen and I saw a kangaroo hanging out on the side of the road I hopped out of the car instantly to see how close I could get.

Meet RooRoo.

Let me tell you her story.

When I got out of the car on the side of the road, RooRoo looked at me for a couple seconds before hopping right up to me and letting me cuddle her. Kangaroos are absolutely beautiful animals, and very friendly. Wild Kangaroos like to keep their distance though, so it was very bizarre for her to hop right over to me. We noticed as soon as we saw her that she was a little on the skinny side, looked extremely tired, was constantly panting, and wasn’t grazing for food. I cuddled with her for a little while before I decided to go check out the field near us for more kangaroos.

After checking out the field of other kangaroos, who wouldn’t let me cuddle them, Karen and I decided to head back to RooRoo and say goodbye. Again, she came straight up to me. We hung out with RooRoo for a while and then decided to head back to the car. RooRoo watched me walk a few feet away and then she started hopping after me. She followed me all the way back to the car and kept nudging me. We were actually pretty worried about her because her eyes would barely stay open, and she was leaning on her front little paws. I hung out with RooRoo while Karen headed back to the car to get some water.

As soon as we put the water in front of her she drank it like crazy! She drank almost an entire bottle of water in one go. She instantly started to look a little bit better. She actually stood up straight for the first time since we had been there.

The next day we decided to bring a bucket of water for RooRoo. She was laying on the side of the road, in the same spot as the day before. I wrote “Roo Water” on the bucket, in hopes that anybody coming by wouldn’t throw it out. Again, RooRoo drank like crazy.

We called the wildlife care centre about RooRoo to see if they could help her in any way. It turns out; she was hit by a car a few months before. She is friendly with humans because the residents had started to feed her. This is the WORST thing to do for any wildlife. Now, RooRoo doesn’t know how to take care of herself. She has forgotten how to “graze” for food and now she relies on humans. Apparently, the best thing we could have done was given her the bucket of water. She was severely dehydrated, and wasn’t able to make it far enough to a natural water source.

(Ignore the “Skippy” comment. I think RooRoo is way better)

The wildlife care centre said we did everything that we could for RooRoo and that they were going to keep an eye on her. I’d like to think Karen and I saved RooRoo. It was a magical moment that I shared with this little creature. They are such sweet, loving, cuddly, hoppy animals and it makes my heart skip a beat when I think of RooRoo asking us for help.

I will update you on RooRoo as much as I can, as Karen is going to check on her lots over the next couple of weeks.

Love Always,